Tanz Masala - Celebrating Mahashivaratri


On Sunday 23th of February 7pm at the “Bewegungsraum am Augustiner” (Salzstr.33, 79098 Freiburg) we’re going to celebrate this important Hindu festival. Liga Saukante will show some of her Bharata Natyam items about Lord Shiva and me I will perform the story  called Antaka Vadham. Here follows, after Lord Shiva killed Antaka the god of death, a critical but often humorous observation of a society in which death does not exist...


More information about Shivaratri you may here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maha_Shivaratri


More information about the story:

Antaka Vadham


More about Liga and her dance performance: http://www.liga.id.lv/


Tickets will cost 10,-Euro.


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